Why I CookWOD

Perhaps you can relate?

As a nutrition professional, I coach people to make food choices that align with their health goals. The food lover in me wants folks to love to eat as much as I do, so it pains me to hear the misconception that healthy food tastes like cardboard. Not. True. And I would never ask someone to eat something that doesn’t taste good, after all, eating is also an emotional experience that should be enjoyed!


Ultimately the goal is to make nutritious food delicious food.

The most common theme I see hindering progress is lack of access to healthy meal options throughout the week. This could be partly due to making poor choices at the market, but often when one approaches me for a nutrition consultation they’re half way motivated and amenable to purchasing healthy foods. Nutrient dense foods are making it home from the store, but that’s about it. Life happens, folks get too busy, and that nutritious food is forgotten.

Sometimes meal plans and recipes just aren’t enough to get a balanced meal on the table. Let’s be honest, it takes forethought, planning and time to cook a delicious meal. Before you know it, it’s six o’clock after a long day of work and your husband wants to know what’s for dinner while your irrational toddler is melting down. Oh, wait, maybe that’s just what happens in my house…To keep myself sane I’ve put some major effort into spending time on Sundays to “CookWOD.”


Like weightlifting, if I miss a CookWOD, I get a little cranky because I know the rest of the week may be a bit dicey on the lunch and dinner front without having a jump on food prep. And remember, I love to eat, so if there’s no food for said eating the hangry me might make an appearance, something no one wants to see.

For you CrossFit folks, a CookWOD is a food prep AMRAP, and for everyone else, it’s simply cramming as much food prep into a set amount of time as possible. There is some strategy involved here; I mean I certainly don’t want to dirty every dish or kitchen appliance, and I don’t want the oven on all day long. Back in the day, pre-Baby Biscuit, my husband and I use to casually drink coffee while enjoying some feel good stories on CBS Sunday Morning. Having a baby changed this. Now I hang out in the kitchen trying my best to not trip over my rambunctious toddler doing laps on her bike.

On goes the oven for roasting veggies and baking sweet potatoes, proteins are marinated and the crock pot is ready to simply turn on. One of my friends complimented me saying that my "cooking is simple, but it tastes fancy." Most importantly, I feel accomplished knowing that my family will have nutrient dense, delicious food all week long. 

Since so many people still struggle with transforming food to something yummy and edible, my husband had the brilliant idea of bringing CookWOD to the masses, so as to aid folks in attaining their health-related nutrition goals. So, here I am trying to figure out how to formalize this process and break my kitchen shenanigans into manageable, bite sized pieces for you all to try!


Harkening back to the CrossFit analogy, anyone can CookWOD, and modifications are always available and encouraged in order for you to see success in the kitchen. My hope is that you’ll realize that healthy eating can be easily achieved and enjoyed by front loading your food prep into a short chunk of time. 3-2-1-GO!