Dinner 1   Damn Fine Chicken // Cumin Kabocha Potato Mash // Mixed Green Salad

Dinner 2    Crock Pot Pulled Pork Cabbage Boats // Smashed Crispy Potatoes // Kale Salad

Dinner 3   Meaty Marinara // Spiralized Veg Noodles (or pasta) // Basil Butter Zucchini

Dinner 4  Bam Bam Shrimp // Coconut Quinoa // Ginger Lime Broccoli

Dinner 5  L/O Pulled Pork Sliders // Sweet Potato “Buns” // Braised Collard Greens

CookWOD Week 5
Step 1

Preheat oven to 425. Cut baby hubbard squash (or any other meaty winter squash) in half and scoop out seeds. Place facedown on baking sheet.


Dice apples into large chunks and add to baking sheet. Roast 30-40 min or until squash is tender to the touch.

Remove from oven and allow squash and apples to cool.

Step 2

While squash and apples are baking, cut up your lunch veggies and get them roasting as well. I added cauliflower to the mix this week and ended up with an onion, pepper, cabbage, cauliflower mix sprinkled with kosher salt and curry powder.


Go ahead and stick a 2-3 medium russet or sweet potatoes in the oven, too. You’ll need these for the Salmon Burgers!

Step 3

Speaking of potatoes, tackle the Vinegar Spiked Potatoes now while all of the previously mentioned veggies are in the oven. Once boiled, strain and allow to cool and store in fridge until ready to roast later in the week.


Don’t worry about washing this pot yet – you’re going to use it again, so fill her up!

Step 4

Bring aforementioned pot of water to a boil and add one package of black bean pasta (or regular pasta). Follow cooking instructions; drain and rinse.


Add to this: 1 tbsp evoo, 1-2 tbsp red wine or sherry vinegar, 2-3 tbsp capers, ¼ sundries tomatoes and a sprinkle of shredded parmesan cheese, s & p.

Step 5

The Curried in a Hurry Garbanzos are so fast to put together. All you’ll really need to do is chop an onion and a few cloves are garlic and place everything else in your Instant Pot or pressure cooker.


You could certainly prepare this recipe on the stove top, but cooking time will be significantly longer that what is suggested in the recipe and you may need to add additional liquid.

Step 6

For the Eggplant Lasagna, follow directions for Meaty Marinara. Once this is simmering, cut eggplant into ⅛” rounds.. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Place on baking sheet and into oven for 5 min per side. Remove from oven and allow to cool.


Lightly oil 8×13″ baking dish and begin to layer eggplant, meat sauce, and dollops of ricotta until you run out of all ingredients. Top with sprinkling of mozzarella or parmesan if desired. Cover and store in fridge until time to back for dinner #2!

Step 7

To make the Silky Hubbard Squash Soup you’ll basically just toss the roasted squash, apples, and remaining ingredients into the blender and buzz it up until it’s silky smooth. Adjust salt and pepper as desired. Note: the skin of my squash was so tender i din’t even bother removing it for the soup!

Step 8

To get Crock Pot Apple Pork Chops ready, slice onions and apples and add to crock pot along with remaining ingredients. Into the fridge it goes so that you can simply pull it out and turn it on before heading out the door in a few days.

Step 9

Lastly, bust out the Simplified Salmon Burgers for tonight’s dinner. Your potatoes baked are and cooled, so scoop the “meat” of the taters out and mash with 2-14 oz cans of salmon and spices. The recipe calls for cajun spices, but feel free to change it up and use chile powder or curry.


Get burgers measured out on baking sheet so that you can easily pop them in the oven for dinner later in the day. These will bake at the same time as the Vinegar Spiked Potatoes so that you can make a quick salad (and dressing).


The Vietnamese Pork Lettuce Cups are super quick to put together and something that can be made on the spot, along with anything else during the week not mentioned in this CookWOD.

Week 7 Shopping List

Vacation Recovery

I meant to post a CookWOD Mexico edition last week since we just spent eight lovely days in Sayulita, but we ended up simply buying staple veggies and proteins and making some combination of sautéed veggies, eggs, avocados, and plantains for brunch most days.


Dinners were out on the town and consisted of tacos, tacos, and more tacos! Mahi mahi tacos, shrimp tacos, marlin tacos (be sure to say that in your best Bubba voice!) and more. Simple and glorious.

Often, folks tend to go into "vacation-mode" with their eating, consuming all sorts of indulgent food or perhaps just too much when traveling. I'm a fan of experiencing and enjoying the local cuisine but generally feel as though it's not worth it to eat food that won't make me feel great, so I returned from out trip feeling full of energy and replenished!