Are you enthusiastic about eating?

Food is meant to be enjoyed!


As a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist I've seen that food can be a source of strife for many, from feeding babies their first bite, to short-order cooking for picky kids, to meal planning and cooking as an adult. 

It doesn't have to be this way. Returning to real, whole foods and using realistic recipes and simple cooking methods can feed the whole family nutritious and delicious food.


One of the greatest barriers to sticking with a healthy eating plan is lack of preparation. If eating well is a priority for you and your family, then having healthy food on hand is a must! 

That means, it's time to get cooking! Education and empowerment is the name of the game here at Eating with Enthusiasm. 

My goal is to help you reach your health and/or fitness goals and stick to your eating plan by establishing a set of nutrition principles that you can realistically follow in your everyday life!

If offering your baby nutrient dense foods is your priority and you're ready to ditch the purees, then learning about Baby Led Weaning might be right for you! 


Luckily, the healthy foods you feed yourself can be the same as those offered to your baby with very little extra work! Sounds like a win-win for busy, tired new parents! 

My name is Marissa, and I'm addicted to peanut butter...


It's true. Peanut butter is a good friend and also something that can be a little dangerous, in that once I start it's hard to stop! We all have foods like that and that's part of learning about how we balance out our own personal eating plan.


As a Registered Dietitian most people assume that I am constantly making judgments about their food choices. This couldn't be further from the truth. I am, however, quite curious about food and eating behaviours, and that's how I like to approach my work with clients. 

That's how I encourage you to look at eating, too, with curiosity. Learning about how different foods affect our energy, mental and physical output, digestion, sleep, and more can help us to understand which foods are best suited for us! 


Babies are naturally curious about food and can eat following their natural hunger and fullness cues. It's amazing to see how far from this we come as we age and are influenced by outside factors. Isn't this also intriguing?!  

If you're curious and looking to become educated, empowered, and enthusiastic about eating, I am currently available for one-on-one or group nutrition coaching!  


Feel free to reach out for more information:


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Food allergies & intolerance

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Balancing lood sugar / increasing energy 

Elimination diets

Weight management

Baby Led Weaning

Client Testimonial

As a busy professional it was a struggle to eat enough food, the right foods, and at the optimal times to support my health and CrossFit training.


Marissa helped me understand how to do this and made it achievable within my lifestyle. 


The best part about our nutrition programme is that it' was designed to suit my personal needs. Because I don’t have hours of time to spend in the kitchen, Marissa provided me with real food ideas to ensure that I can meet my nutrition demands with easy, simple to prepare foods 

Soon after I began working with her I saw changes in my body. My nutrition plan helped me gain muscle and lose body fat.. More importantly,, I feel steady energy throughout the day, I sleep better, and my sweet tooth is gone!