Nourishing food from the very first bite!

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Baby Led Weaning courses and consultations. 

My name is Marissa. I’m a mom to a spunky three year old and a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN). Providing nourishing food for my family brings together two of my favourite things: family and food!


Our nutrient needs ebb and flow based on lifecycle, health status, wellness goals, and so much more. With this in mind, my goal is to inspire nutritious and delicious eating to help you feel your best. 

Virtual and in-person nutrition coaching, accountability packages, food journal tracking, and non-stop support allow me to educate and empower you to choose the best eating plan for you!

Eating doesn't just happen to us; it's in our DNA and we're born ready to eat! Yet there is massive confusion around how to feed not only ourselves but also infants once they're ready for food. Let me clear up the confusion with a Baby Led Weaning workshop or BLW consultation! 


Food is fuel and nourishment; eat enthusiastically..

Personalized Nutrition Coaching


Are you wondering if nutrition coaching is right for you? If you're perplexed about food you're not alone! What used to be quite simple has become complex and confusing, from feeding baby to fueling your adult self. 

Let me educate and empower you to apply practical nutrition strategies that fit your lifestyle.

You'll receive research based real food recommendations and practical lifestyle tips, from feeding your baby wholesome, nutritious foods, to meal planning for your busy week. 


Nutrition science + daily action plan + support = sweet success!

Feeding a Little?


Is your baby ready to eat? Whether your munchkin is brand new or you've already begun navigating the tricky route of infant feeding, you probably want what's best for her. 

The "best" foods are real, whole, nutrient dense foods, and believe it or not, your baby CAN and will feed herself. 

Learn best practices for introducing whole foods and say adios to watered down purees or processed cereals!